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Hybrid Air-Conditioning System

Air-condition approximately 60% of the total energy usage in the building or facilities. The Hybrid air-condition system is a combination of vortex condenser controller, synthetic refrigerant catalyst and optimizer valve retrofit in the refrigerant line of an existing air-conditioner or refrigeration system. It increased the efficiency of the system by 15 - 25%. By combining these technologies, it reduced electricity consumption with providing cooler air and smoother operation. It also enhanced the life of the system with less run times.

Green Gas (refrigerant)

Environmental Friendly & Energy Saving Hydrocarbon natural gas for use in Air Con Refrigeration. Hydrocarbon are natural gases, non toxic and non ozone depleting for CFC, HFC, and HCFC based refrigeration gases in air conditioning systems. Using a proprietary mixture high purity hydrocarbon gases from British Oxygen Co. Propane (R290) and Ethane (R170).

Energy Monitoring Equipments

Monitoring and measuring of energy usage enable us to gauge the effectiveness of each technologies individual contributes to the cumulative energy saving. We have our monitoring equipments and meters to support the measurement combined with our web base EMS system.